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Incorporated in January 1999, Kenbrio is a new venture for some old pros. After nearly a decade developing client/server, database and web applications for companies such as Intel, Nike, First Interstate Bank, Fort James paper company and The Associated Press, we needed change. We sought the clarity of vision and the freedom of movement that a small independent company could provide. With that goal in mind, we struck out on our own and created Kenbrio.

While we are willing to expound enthusiastically about our vision, we prefer to let the quality of our work speak for us.

Geographically, you’ll find us in Portland Oregon, Spokane Washington, Tucson Arizona, and Waterville Maine. But from day to day, you’ll find us together on the Internet, collaborating on projects, sharing ideas, and having fun being part of a creative team.

Ken - (kèn) noun - Knowledge; perception; understanding; vision.
Brio - (brê´o) noun - Vigor; vivacity; energy; determination.